Handmade with Love

About Us

Makariah Scrubs is a handmade natural skin care line that promotes healthy skin by using organic and natural ingredients. Our mission is to create awareness on the importance of using natural ingredients on the skin and cultivate a healthier lifestyle by adopting natural skincare practices.

According to statistics, about 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. Considering the skin is our largest organ, it is critical we make informed decisions on what goes on our skin.  Hence the creation of Makariah Scrubs to provide you safer and effective skin care products.

Makariah Scrubs is a big believer in empowering local trade and raising living standards. By investing in home grown raw materials such as coffee beans, coconut oil, clay, unrefined sugar etc, we essentially increase business opportunities for the local traders (farmers and market women) within Nigeria.

So you see, being a part of the Makariah Scrubs family not only guarantees healthy and glowing skin but creates an opportunity for you to indirectly invest into the livelihoods of local traders who produces these natural ingredients.

Happy Scrubbing and Cheers to Beautiful Skin