Mindfulness – Your Journey To Good Skin


We talk about the importance of rest continuously but has the term “rest” become something that is loosely spoken about to satisfy lifestyle expectations whilst we lose sight of what the term means and the effects on our mental health and bodies. In this case, we will focus on how mindfulness and practicing rest ultimately leads to healthy skin.

The term “mindfulness” simply means being in the present, i.e living in the “now” and not worrying over past issues or future to-dos. Given the fast-paced society we live in; our stress level is likely to be at its peak. However, taking intentional steps such as mediation, adequate sleep, exercise, and healthy eating not only de-clutters our mental blockage caused by stress, but it has also proven to be beneficial for the skin.

Here’s how, in a few easy steps:

  • Sleep longer – The old adage “beauty sleep” has proven to be effective over the years. When you sleep, your skin cells are regenerating as your body automatically goes into rest mode, which also supports collagen production. As a result, your skin begins to slow down its ageing process; thus preventing wrinkles and boosting skin elasticity. Therefore, optimising your sleep hours (7-9 hours a day) not only helps you mentally but results in  glowing/supple and youthful skin
  • Find an activity that de-stresses you – When your stress levels increase, your body produces excess cortisol (the stress hormone) which leads to inflammation in the skin and could cause “beak-outs”or acne. Most times a lot of us have random breakouts that are driven by stress more than other factors. Find what relieves your stress levels – it could be reading a book, travel, spending time with family & friends, prayer & mediation etc.
  • Exercise – When we exercise, we increase blood circulation in our body, which also speeds up waste elimination through the function of the liver. Ultimate effect being, free radicals are pushed out of our bodies (free radicals are unstable atoms in our body that are damaging to our cells by accelerating our ageing process or causing illnesses). Exercise also brightens our skin naturally as those unwanted toxins are pushed out through our sweat glands.

Now don’t just read this and tuck all the ideas away. At least do one item and see the changes to your skin.

~ Happy Scrubbing and Cheers to Beautiful Skin ~

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