Nutrition and Your Gut: Personal Journey to Healthy Living


Lawyer, Nutrition Coach and Consultant 


This conversation is with guest author, Mazino Malaka

Q: Mazino, we are thrilled a to have you on the Blog and hear your views on Nutrition and Skincare Tips. Tell us, What is your morning routine in terms of wellness 

Ans: Hi Makariah scrubs, so glad to be speaking with you today.

Two months ago I would definitely have answered this easily but my morning routine has changed drastically in light of the times we are in. Currently I try to allow some flexibility with my routine. On most days, I get up at 5 am daily. I pray, I meditate on verses from my bible and spend a few minutes to speak life into my day.

I also work out 4 times a week. I’ve fallen in love with the exercise of my youth, skipping. I skip every day and I incorporate high intensity workouts such as dance workouts which make me really giddy for the rest of the day. After my workout, i have a mix of ginger, garlic and turmeric to kick start my engine. This I’ve noticed works magic for my bowel system and my skin.

Q: “You are what you eat ” is ubiquitous in health/wellness matters. How true is this statement?

Ans: In terms of how we look physically, no. We may never look like a pack of crisp, barbecue chicken wings or a kale salad but in terms of the effect food has on us, then yes this statement is correct. Food has an undeniable impact on our mental and physical well being and has been proven by scientist and nutritionist for years. There is a brain gut connection that researchers continue to find in terms of our mental wellbeing and it is linked to the foods we eat.

The link between what we eat and our physical health has been discussed used for years. Research shows that a high percentage of Cardiometabolic diseases are linked to unhealthy eating and are largely preventable because only 10% of cardiometabolic diseases are a result of genes alone.

However there isn’t a one shoe fits all narrative for what we ought to eat and its effects. I do think however, if we eat cleaner and more of what the earth has to offer as opposed to processed food, this reduces our risk of chronic diseases.

My advice is, listen to your body. If you find yourself unhappy with how your body is faring, be intentional to find solutions through reliable sources and nutrition experts who will guide you to a healthier you.

Q: Tell us about our GUT and how this is linked to our Skin

Ans: For a lot of us, our gut is the window to our skin. I’ve noticed on clients and even myself that there is a huge connection between what we feed ourselves and our skin. I did an experiment on a client recently. I limited her dairy and processed sugar intake slowly over a month and her skin transformed. Hyper pigmentation and hormonal acne issues she had dealt with for years began to disappear. I really do believe our skin is the window to our gut especially when it comes to allergies, inflammation and our hormonal balance which can be drastically affected by what we eat or our failure to eat certain foods.

Q: What 3 Staple herbs/fruits do we need in our diet to maintain a healthy gut

Ans: I don’t go a day without eating an orange. I don’t know what it is about this fruit that gets me every time. I eat my fruits in season and thankfully in Africa, oranges are always in season. It’s a consistent fruit with heaps of health benefits due to its countless vitamins, notably vitamin C which we all need. I also add garlic into everything, because it has so many healing powers. Garlic is like the Beyonce of my herbs list -I cook with it and consume a large amount especially when I have a cold. It does smell and taste really strong so I would mind how much I eat it.

Turmeric is also my favourite beauty health food, not a day goes by where there isn’t Turmeric incorporated into my diet.

Q:  What does Holistic living mean to you?

Ans: Holistic living for me can be summed up with this quote “ let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. I live by this statement, especially as a Nutrition Coach who advocates for a holistic way of life. Holistic living is acknowledging the earths wonderful resources and using them as a way to heal yourself naturally. I’m really passionate about this topic, and helping others to find a way to incorporate a holistic way of life that doesn’t drastically change your normal routine.

Q: What skincare tips do you live by?

Ans: My skin is very very dry and sensitive so being consistent with moisturising is key for me.

I love a good gentle cleanser, nothing too thick or heavy. My all time favourite is the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser and the Avène Antirougeurs Refreshing Cleansing Lotion. I must say -Mandelic acid is something I live by. It’s a mild acid but does wonders for my skin especially in targeting acne and skin texture issues. Another thing I cannot go without is a vitamin C serum which has done wonders for my dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. Lastly, Hyaluronic acid – if you have dry or combination skin, this product is worth the hype that it gets.

In terms of food, leafy vegetables and water are skincare tips you need especially with our gut and skin connection. There are days I have gone without drinking enough water and I’ll notice my skin looks dehydrated or i might just get a random spot. Leafy greens, especially are my all time favourite, spinach. Spinach contains so many antioxidants and beneficial vitamins that cannot be denied.

Q: Lastly, how will you define wellness?

Ans: Wellness to me is a state of being, beyond the feelings of taking care of yourself, wellness is sacrificial, intentional and produces results. Wellness is about feeling good in the body you’re in but making room for changes that will promote peace and love in the temple you live in.

Thank you Mazino for your informative contribution, for more information on Nutrition, catch Maz on her social media handle @mazinomalaka

~ Happy Scrubbing and Cheers to Beautiful Skin ~



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